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Not just a basement, but a new valuable extension of your home.


Some people do not care about their basement at all. This abandoned room can actually create usable space and will definitely add value to your home.


Basements can be turned into basically everything: guest bedroom, playroom, entertaining space, fitness area, laundry room, additional storage, it can even be turned into the home office for those who work from home a lot.


You can even start business with the help of the free space you have at home. For example, basement space can make a good rental or in-law income property. Because all of these possibilities the house with a good, renovated basement holds a lot of value in the market.


As per Remodeling Magazine's 2017 "Cost versus Worth" report, the normal storm cellar rebuild offers a 70% ROI. That implies you can profit by a ton of including an incentive without spending as much as possible on materials or managing a significant life interruption, which isn't generally the situation with other rebuilding ventures.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Mark J.
Ottawa Renovations

What a fantastic team you guys have. We were short on our budget because of the economy but you guys helped us achieve a our dream basement.

Brian M.
Orleans Renovations

Incredible team and I loved that they were able to help us understand  our space better and use it even more than we were planning. Unbelievable job!

Julie A.
Kanata Renovations

When we were fist researching our options we thought to give it a shot and ask for a quote. The price was fantastic and we have a brand new basement.

Scott C.
Ottawa-Gatineau Renovations

The team has been unreal and very clean in their work. We told them what we needed and they were able to achieve in no time and on the budget.


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